Property Inspections for Realtors

Santa Clara - Alameda - Contra Costa - San Mateo - San Francisco - Santa Cruz - San Benito - Monterey.

At Troy Harrison Property Inspections we know that Realtor referrals are the heart of our business. Your buyers and sellers will experience a level of professionalism with Troy Harrison Property Inspections (THPI). This, in turn, will reflect on your professionalism and great service.

We provide an objective third party analysis of the Home, which protects you and your client from possible allegations of misrepresentation and/or negligence.

Comprehensive and User Friendly Reports

Our inspection reports include narrative details about the hundreds of components inspected along with colored photographs. Additionally, we include home maintenance tips. A THPI inspection report will be something your clients will want to keep and use for years to come. You and your clients will receive an emailed written report.

We take pride in providing the knowledge that your clients will need to make an informative decision when purchasing property. Our inspection reports provide two additional benefits: They will identify safety issues and can be used for a guide for maintenance and repairs.

home inspection reports